Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Perks From Credit Cards

These days abundance of credit card choices is available in the market. They offer perks in a variety of ways. And they all come with the inevitable fine print detailing innumerable restrictions, making it difficult to figure out which is the best deal.

Assessing which card is the best deal is no mean deed but, after you narrow your choices based on your consumer tendencies. To choose, you need to assess your charging habits - and know what your ultimate goal is.

Here are the tips which will help you in getting the right card for yourself.
1. Your first choice is whether you want to earn points for a particular goal, such as an airline ticket, or get cash back.
2. To choose among the offers, you need to assess your buying habits and then go to one of the comparison.

3. If you like traveling then a branded card may be a good buy offering you miles reward such as The Capital One card charges no annual fee, works on most airlines with no blackout dates.

4. Those who want more freedom should consider a card with rewards that are good at a variety of companies or a cash-back card. The cash-back card may give you the same, fewer or more benefits.

5. Pay your balance dues. No matter which card you choose, it's important to pay off the balance every month.
To enjoy the rewards pay off your balance each and every month.

6. Limit yourself to two, since opening too many credit lines may hurt your credit rating.

7. Be sure to compare interest rates.

8. Check rebate caps. Some cards limit the benefit, either with a cap on miles or points or on cash back.

9. Compare annual fees. Look for no-fee cards.

10. Look for a reward program without expiration dates.

11. Look at short-term offers. Some offers are only good for an introductory period.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gas Station Reward Credit Card

There are many different credit card companies in the market and they all offering some type of reward schemes on their cards to lure the people towards their card and whereby increase their business. There are some common types of rewards credit cards like travel rewards cards and the cash back rewards credit cards.

There is one reward card which is very useful when the prices of gas are soaring in the world; it is gas reward credit card. The gas station rewards credit cards came about as a way to encourage customer loyalty and save money on gas at the same time. Often issued in partnership with gas companies, gas rewards credit cards offer you the chance to earn free gas or get discounts on gas. Sometimes, gas rewards also come in the form of a rebate, much like the cash back rewards cards

Keep these simple things in mind, like pay attention to your APR and fees to make sure that you are indeed getting a deal on a rewards credit card. Also note that some types of rewards cards are only for those with good credit and you will be able to save money with your credit card.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Travel Miles Credit Card

Travel rewards from using credit cards in making purchases are quantified in air miles. Heavy credit card users are able to benefit from these programs the most as the huge accumulated points that they may make may already equal the point’s equivalent to one plane ticket. The more purchases a person does on his credit card, the more points his credit card rewards him and the person has the options to convert these to travel air miles.

The number of accumulated air miles points on their card doesn't necessarily equal the actual miles required to make the trip. In order to determine the actual equivalent of miles their accumulated miles rewards points from their credit card purchases, they'll need to check with their credit card hotline numbers or from their credit card's consumer websites to receive more detailed information in determining how much actual miles their accumulated air miles reward points has made, how to claim them and how to work out the travel arrangements with the airline company the credit card company has tied up with regards to the travel rewards promotions.