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Car Hire Murcia

When visiting the Mediterranean bathed region of Murcia, look forward to something more than breathtaking beautiful beaches, such as some natural beauties still to be discovered. It is the intriguing blend of natural charms and modernism which differentiate Murcia from the other regions of Costa Blanca. From the most desolated open natural spaces to modern residential neighborhoods to quaint little medieval towns. Nestled amidst the mountains of the Sierra de Orihuela and the Cresta de Gallo, Murcia boasts of the most sophisticated watering system in the region and is very famous for vegetables and thus happens to be the capital of the province.

Tips for your Murcia trip:

If Murcia happens to be the next pit stop in your holiday itinerary, make sure you rent a car. Local transport by bus or train is available, but if you want to witness something more than the beautiful beaches around the Costa Blanca and Spain, car hire in this region is a must. The city of Murcia can be reached via the national road E15 from Alicante or using the C415 from the Madrid direction. With Murcia being about 45 km away from the Airport car hire is a good option.Visiting Murcia during the summer period, without a car reservation in hand is not a very advisable thing to do! Also make sure to book your car before arrival at the Airport especially during summer months. Use your travel agency to get the best deal on Murcia car hire. But don't forget to compare pricing and availability over the internet. The Murcia airport lies 45 km outside of Murcia along the Mar Menor and is used by some English and German airlines offering cheap flights to Murcia.

What you need to remember while hiring a car at Murcia:

Car Prices: The rates for the same car vary a great deal from company to company. Compare basic rates and the extras. While some companies offer all inclusive rental packages, some charge for extras like insurance, mileage, the cost of additional drivers, airport taxes and other such fees.Many domestic and international car hire companies offer Murcia car hire at the airport. Check them out well in advance; so that once you are out of the Arrival terminal you have your car waiting for you.It is very important that you know what is included in the price you are quoted. If the company charges a basic rental rate with add on fees for extras, compare it with the all inclusive price of the other company. This will give you a more reliable comparison as you don't want to take the pains of comparing prices only to end up paying a higher price later.Compare daily and weekly rates of each company. The weekly rates are often cheaper i.e. if you need the car for four days, it may still be less expensive to reserve the car at the weekly rate.

Booking reference number: Get your car hire agreement in writing and be sure to get a confirmation/reference number. This number will help you avoid headaches later.

Car Type: Hire a car considering the number of people traveling and their age group. A standard family car seats 4 people comfortably where as minibuses, MPV's are ideal for those traveling in large groups. An economy car is anytime cheaper w.r.t rental prices as well as fuel costs.

Insurance: Taking insurance with a car hire is a very advisable thing to do. But before you do so, find out with your car insurance or Credit Card Company, if you are covered.

Advance Booking: Booking in advance with any car hire company is the best way to kick start your holiday planning because if you don't you will end up paying more than you thought. Also hiring a car after reaching Murcia will leave you with limited choices during the peak season. So why take a risk.

Documents: While hiring a car, you will need to provide car Hire Company with all the important documents like driver's license, proof of age, a credit card and insurance.

Car Condition: Inspect the car before you take possession of it. Make sure to check all damage is noted on the rental agreement. The aim is not to take responsibility for damage that was already there when you picked up the car.

Car Pick up and Drop Point: Another important comparison that you need to make is the cost of picking up your car from the airport or renting in the city. The difference could be from nothing to some considerable amount of money depending on the car rental company you choose. Commonly, it is cheaper to pick up and drop off the car in the same location.

Discounts: Look for discounts for your car hire. If you book with travel agent, you may get a discount on a car hire plus accommodation. Make use of any discount you can to save money.

The hot weather conditions; a limited (only 3 times a day) direct bus connection to Murcia City; and a train station 10 km away, most tourists opt for Murcia airport car hire with next most feasible option being a taxi hire from the airport.

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