Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Choosing a Hotel For a Vacation

Choosing a hotel for a vacation can be a lottery. There are so many things to look for. But where do you look for information? Travelers of all kinds can benefit from others' work and experience through useful tools that weren't available some decades ago.

The basics of how to choose a hotel include your general preferences about comfort, taste, and quality of life. For instance, think of the following things in no particular order: Do I want to be near restaurants, bars, and cafes? Must I have a comfortable bed, good showers, a good heating system and sense of style throughout the room? Is scenery important to me, what about cost per day and will I spend much time in the room at all? What if I spend nine hours per day outdoors? I guess the only important thing would be the bed quality then.

The "Tripadvisor" website enables the user to input their city and the date of check-in and check-out and get reviews and ratings of all the hotels in the area. It is not just limited to the United States as it incorporates Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and it indexes results from over 193 countries. Similarly, "Travelpost" is a similar tool with a different look but similar features.

If cost is the most critical component, then go with an online service like that lists discount hotels, last minute hotel deals and reservations featuring hotels for special events and rates for sold out dates. If location is more important, start by finding out what the most scenic spots in your travel destination are and find hotels around there.

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