Saturday, March 18, 2006

Understand your card terms

Whether you have a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card, all of them have reward programs.It is important to understand the tradeoff between free miles upfront and other incentives against the cost of maintaining the card later on. To take advantage of the 0% interest rate that this type of credit card offers, a cardholder must try to transfer debt balances to his current card. The good thing about this is, when you are not using the deposited money. Discover® Card recently announced a new 5% spring cashback bonus promotion for their Discover® Platinum Card cardholders.

Airline miles reward credit cards also often offer other special rewards. The highest I have ever seen is an 88 However, it is generally accepted that anyone with a 700 credit score is A credit. If not, you should be. For instance, when the card expires Discover will contact each merchant with the updated information only if the member signed up online through Discover.

Interest rates on cash advances are quite higher compared to credit purchases . These large groups often have more muscle to negotiate special terms for their members. While yesterday's rewards cards usually focused on more glamorous long-term payoffs for years of faithful charging, many of today's cards are also offering more practical benefits on a more timely basis. Discover Card has established a hotline 1-800-DISCOVER for those affected to determine assistance needed through payment relief, emergency replacement cards, emergency PIN numbers and other special services.Merchants not listed can be contacted directly or members can e-mail Discover who will work on adding any merchant who accepts Discover as payment.


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